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Municipal Gym Restoration

Opened in 1935 as the Palace of Electricity and Varied Industries

muni gym 9march 2021-showley_edited_edited.jpg

In 2021 the public discovered a whole new pedestrian zone in the Pan-American Plaza, as thousands came to the Municipal Gym for the first COVID vaccinations.

History-minded observers took inspiration from the fact that the Palisades area was again a place of hope and action during a time of widespread fear -- because these were the elements attending the creation of the Palisades buildings in the first place.

Looking beyond the prevailing fears of economic Depression, San Diegans in 1934 launched a seven-month marathon of design, construction, and promotion to create a two-year nationwide hospitality campaign:

the California-Pacific International Exposition of 1935-36.


Built with a spirit of hope and action, these buildings

carry the message of persistence and optimism to us today.

Vintage Images

Planning for Restoration

Current Activity


View from the top:

Steel truss holds up the marquee

Mayor Todd Gloria addresses a crowd celebrating the nearing completion of the Muni Gym pai

Mayor Todd Gloria

hails the new paint job in historic color

1935 entry floor:

Painted concrete is due for cleanup

floor 300dpi .jpg

Bucket of Paint Club: online donors bought paint and City crews applied it


Open for inspection: C100 team looks at the bearing capability of the marquee

Ornament panel of cast GFRC:

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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