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Municipal Gym painting progress

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Painting the Municipal Gym its historic “bagel” beige color continues in Balboa Park’s Palisades.

City crews prepped the 1935 building -- originally the Palace of Electricity and Varied Industries at the 1935 exposition -- before spray painting the surface.

The Balboa Park Committee of 100 underwrote the materials cost -- about $16,000 -- and city painters went to work.

The project should be finished by mid-July. Mayor Todd Gloria plans to visit the site July 13 to see how it turned out.

C100 next plans to recreate the bas relief panel over the entrance and the ornamentation around it.

A series of electricity and industry symbols is still visible on the floor entrance and that artistic element will be cleaned up.

Eventually, the city hopes to upgrade the building’s infrastructure with air conditioning, better bathrooms and other elements.

- Roger Showley, President

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